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Organic Body Art Quality Henna Powder


Ingredients: Certified Organic Body Art Quality/Triple Hand filtered Henna Powder 

Hennaveda BAQ henna powder is the finest available henna powder for the purpose of making fine body art (tattoos). It is cloth filtered thrice so that its optimum for making paste to form henna cones. The smooth texture helps in free flow release from the tip of the cones ensuring comfort in lengthy body art work.

Our signature body art quality (BAQ) henna powder is triple hand filtered to give you smooth paste for henna cone. The flawless texture is helpful for henna artists in application of lengthy body art designs and getting beautiful dark stain.

Although Henna is a plant based natural colorant but it is advisable to do a patch test to new users who might be allergic to henna.

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How to use-

  • Mix the henna powder in adequate like warm water until you get yogurt-like consistency
  • Add lemon/any essential oil as a catalyst for deeper colour.
  • Cover the paste or store it in an airtight container if possible for 6-12 hours.
  • Apply the paste in your chosen design
  • Before removing the dry paste it is recommended to cover the dried design in lemon-sugar/coconut/eucalyptus syrup.
  • Slowly remove the flakes with water. Apply some oil again for longer-lasting shade.

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