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Organic Body Art Quality Henna Powder 400g

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Ingredients: Organic Body Art Quality Henna Powder

Net Weight: 400g

Our exclusive Hennaveda Body Art Quality Henna Powder is triple-hand-filtered and processed specifically for fine body art (tattoos).

BAQ Henna Powder is specifically ground to a fine powder and then cloth filtered three times for an incredibly smooth texture that aids in the easy flow of henna paste from the tip of the cone. The free flow of the henna paste helps the henna artist apply lengthy body art designs.

Our organic BAQ Henna paste leaves a gorgeous, deep, and long-lasting henna stain on the body.

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How to use: 

  • Mix the henna powder in enough warm water to resemble yogurt-like consistency.
  • Add lemon or any other essential oil to act as a catalyst for deeper color. (Optional)
  • Cover the paste or keep it in an airtight container for 6–12 hours.
  • Use the paste according to your chosen design.
  • It is advised to coat the dried design with syrup made of lemon-sugar, coconut, and eucalyptus before removing the dry flakes.
  • Use water to gradually remove the flakes. For a hue that lasts longer, reapply some oil.

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Weight 400 g


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